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That Time I Tried to get High…

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Authors Speaks

Before we get to my first experience with marijuana, let’s talk about Jersey Six.

It’s dark without giving too many graphic details. It’s suspenseful without losing the reader. It’s sexy without throbbing penises. It’s a love story before you ever know if any of the characters actually love each other.

Nouns for Jersey Six: rock star, homelessness, amnesia, victim, target, tragedy, knives, boxing, jets, venues, fuckery. <—my favorite one. ; )

In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Moving on …

Here are some highlights from my trip:
Tea with Kim Holden.
Juice with Ella James.
Finalizing edits on Jersey Six.
Happy hour at Vital Root.
My first trip to a dispensary. Not what I expected, but I had a lovely time chatting with the budologist.

First time using marijuana. Disappointing for the first three uses. Dry eyes and dry mouth. No high. BUT … by my fourth exposure, I felt the chill. It was magical. Everything s l o w e d way down. No shits were given. And I totally understood how music might sound better, creativity could be heightened, and sleep could come easily. I’m 100% thinking of buying a one-room cabin in the mountains to go for a few weeks at a time when I need to write all the awesomeness. Just a thought …

Sunset at Sapphire Point overlooking Lake Dillion—watching the chipmunks.

Planning a true paranormal book that I hope to write next year.

Realizing by the end of the week, that although I loved my time away, I couldn’t wait to get home to my family.

Scraping the door of the rental car that I parked too close to a concrete pillar in a parking garage. I know … I know … how is this a highlight? Well, no one was hurt. It was a scraped up door. I have insurance. And it was an opportunity to be the best version of myself. I could let the mishap that happened on the last day of our trip ruin the whole thing for me (and my friends), or I could shrug, make a call to my insurance company, and forget about it. So … we laughed all the way down the mountain. Grabbed a quick lunch on a sunny 70 degree day in Denver, and headed to the airport.

Moral of the story: Life is meant to be lived. Take risks. Take time to just be. Laugh until you pee a little. Swing from poles. Try a bit of weed. (*disclaimer – legally) Don’t sweat a little scratched paint.

Comment with your last adventure, or your last “oops” that you didn’t let ruin your day.

Have a great weekend!