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Top 5 Ways Reading Romance Can Spice Up Your Love Life

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Couple Relationship, Family & Relationship

In a new relationship, the magnetic force of lust and desire is one of the reasons we feel excited by our partners. However, much of those intense feelings can fade over time. Long-term relationships can enhance feelings of love but decrease feelings of passion, which can ultimately lead to other issues. There are many techniques to help with this common problem but did you know that the books you read could be one of them? That’s right! Reading romance books can lead to spicing up your love life in ways you may never have imagined. It goes without saying, that relationship experts and therapists are by far the best ways to help you solve the major stuff. However, if you’re looking to simply add some excitement to your love life and ignite some of the original magnetism that your relationship once had, then reading a few good romance books could be the answer.

First, let’s take a minute to judge a book by its cover. Although the phrase says otherwise, we all know that an attractive cover can get us to pick up a book we weren’t necessarily looking for. Today’s romance books are light years from the era of a bare-chested Fabio carrying a wench in a bodice ripped dress. A quick online search will have you drooling over the masses of inked Alpha males and model-worthy couples in the throes of passion. Before you even know what you’re looking for, you’re sure to be drawn to a cover that excites you. And this is a perfect first step. Why? Because for most women, the best sex happens when your brain is turned on first. So, find a sexy cover and you already one step closer to spicing up your own sex life. Of course, there’s more to choosing a great book but the cover is a great place to start.

Once you have your book, pour yourself your favorite drink and dive right in. With so many fantastic romance novels out there, chances are that you will be immersed in a make-believe world that gives you all the feels. From heart pumping slow burns to explicit erotic fantasies, romance books run the full gamut. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fade to black sexy times or detailed erotic scenes that make you feel like you are in the middle of the action, both can help you to spice up your love life. Keep reading to find out how!

Top 5 Ways Reading Romance Can Spice Up Your Love Life

  1. Get you in the mood

A great romance will have you feeling the emotions right alongside the main characters. As that unmistakable smolder begins to cloud their eyes, you too may begin to react. Perhaps your heart beats a little faster or your breath becomes ragged, as the hero grabs the back of the heroine’s neck and spins her around into a passionate kiss. Mentally and physically reacting to what is described on the page is a great way to get you in the mood. And if you’re feeling the moment…well, the chances of initiating the same in your own relationship, is much more likely.

  1. Open up discussions

Communication is crucial for all aspects of a relationship but when it comes to our love life, sometimes we neglect this area. However, chances are that your partner will be somewhat interested in what you’re reading. Even if they don’t read it themselves, you can always count on curiosity to spark some questions. Maybe they will want to know what you find attractive about the cover model or be intrigued as to why you prefer reverse harem to shifter romance. Whatever it is, it’s bound to start a conversation and potentially spice up an evening that you didn’t see coming. 

  1. Introduce new ideas

Sometimes romance books can give us ideas about things we never thought of. Maybe the couple in your latest romance novel participate in a power dynamic that you are unfamiliar with, yet intrigued by. Or perhaps there was a scorching hot scene where he brought her to orgasm under the table in a fancy restaurant. After reading that, you might now find yourself trying to find a way to live this moment with your partner. New ideas keep things fresh, exciting and much spicier!

  1. Explore fantasies 

Everyone has fantasies. Some of these you may have experienced in real life and others may exist only in the dark corners of your mind. Reading romance books can help bring some of these fantasies to life. Now of course there are fantasies which may be better left in fiction but others, either in whole or to varying degrees, can be enticed out of the closet and into real life. It’s a lot easier to tell your partner about wanting to explore your fantasies if you can start by saying that you read about something similar in a book.

  1. Appreciate your partner

Finally, reading romance can help spice up your love life because you can begin to appreciate your partner in a whole new way. Not because they suddenly become the perfect book boyfriend, of course. But because opening the lines of communication and talking about your desires will inevitably lead to a spicier, more exciting love life and a deeper appreciation of the person you are with.

When it comes down to it, romance books have so much to offer. Stories of passionate love that surmounts all odds, relationships that blossom out of unexpected situations and characters who grow and change for the better. All are representations of life that inspire hope and happiness in us as readers. Adding to that, sexy times that spice up your own love life and you have all the perfect reasons to read romance!