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Travel Documents

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Lifestyle, Organize your life

Today’s gem of information is documents. What kind of documents do you need when traveling?

Typically we all use our Passports. Yes, even when flying to North Carolina, or Florida I use my passport. As many of you know, passports are valid for 10 year, 5 yrs for children under the age of 16. If you’re going to get a passport why not use it for domestic travel. 

Now the big concern is the REAL ID or the ENHANCED LISCENCE. By October 2020 NYS will being in compliance for the FEDERAL REAL ACT, which was adopted in 2005. So for most of you, Im going to say go to DMV and get all the information you need to get the ENHANCED ID. The enhanced id will allow you to travel over the boarder for Cananda & Mexico. 

When you go to the DVM please make sure that you’re are using your correct name. NO Nicknames or shortened versions of your name. Also, all of your documents should have your full name. Yes even if you have a middle name you should really start to use it. This is going to be crucial for all that will be flying. The airlines will specifically be looking at your name . So, if your name is Anthony Frank Rizzotto and you have on your ticket Tony Rizzotto, guess what you’re not flying out . If your ticket says Anthony F Rizzotto, you’re in compliance. If that F was missing from that ticket and the id has it you could be denied travel at that point.

Now here’s where traveler’s are getting confused. Enhanced License can only be used on DOMESTIC travel. Meaning only thru the US. Not overseas. Which brings us back to PASSPORTS. You can only use a passport fly in and out of the the USA.

Crusing, seems to be one of the lot of questions we get asked. Do I need my passport? The answer here is yes and no. No, you down need it if your laving from a US Port and coming back to a US port, But god forbid you need to fly home and down have it? My rule of thumb is START USING your passport. Ok wanderlust’s that’s all for todays tidbits … see you in the Waves!