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Why Travel Agent?

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Organize your life

I was at a baby shower yesterday and was speaking to a future bride. I had asked “where are you going for your honey moon”? She replied they are a doing a mini-moon to Sandals Barbados. Which by the way I love BARBADOS! She was able to get a really great deal for 4 nights.

As were talking, I asked did you get the spa credits. She tells me no. I just booked it online.

I have said this many a time and I will continue to repeat. Why would you go online when you can use a local travel agent in your community? The fact Is when you are using a travel agent, you’re getting their knowledge, their recommendations. Its greats that your supporting people in your community.

With many MOM & POP stores closing due to ONLINE shopping, this is one way to support your community. The Travel agent will always stand behind you. The agents work tirelessly. We work many times, on our own vacations, to answer calls or look up information for our clients. As agents, we also have good relationships with our Partners in the industry, whether it’s the Cruise lines or Land vacations or Tours. We all do training with our industry partners We try to be as updated with our information and to do that yep you guessed it, we do training. Sure, it’s easy to get online, book online the air and the hotel portions.

But what if something goes wrong. How many times have people made mistakes in rushing “to get that deal” and then realize that they made a mistake? How many times have people had issues with their flights and have no one to call? How many times have there been issues at the hotel and you have no one to call? They are overbooked or don’t have your reservation? Have you ever tried to call Expedia or Orbitz or Travelocity? As an agent I have many at times been on the phone fielding issues with delayed flights, or wrong hotel room accommodations. Lost their Passports and have no clue what to do. Do things go wrong? Sure, all the time.

Some clients take it with a grain of salt, others are in full panic mode and I’m walking them down from cliff As Agents we do all the Hard work for you. I tell my clients all you need to do is Pack and Go! I do all their check-in, I book all the tours, I book the spas, and most times I do something for them that they are not expecting. Whether it’s a candle light dinner or a simple upgraded private transfer. When I ask why not use a travel agent, people usually respond well I got this great deal. So do agents, we basically see the same pricing as you are online I have to pay more to an agent. That a Myth. we don’t “charge” sitting o looking up fees.

I like having control of the trip. We send you confirmations of everything so that your involved in every step of the way. The great thing with agent’s vs online. you have the chance to pay for a HUGE trip over time. That’s a big game changer for a lot of people. IF your trip is over 7000.00 most times, we just need a small dep ($100.00) and then pay the trip over time. Try doing that with Travelocity or Expedia. Back to the Bride, as I was telling her, did you sign up for the SSP points. She tells me I have no idea. I told her to send me the quote. She did get last minute great deal. She asked questions about the resort, restaurants, the rooms, then asked me to look in to the quote for her. Yep you guessed it I am transferring her booking to our Agency. I’d like to think that my knowledge of the Sandals resorts helped me helped her. As a Bride she has a million other thing to worry about.

This I can help and take care of 1 2 3 . I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE BEING A TRAVEL AGENT! Till next time, Happy Adventures!