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Healthy and Hearty family favorite that works in a pinch

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Food & Recipes

Clean out the fridge & left overs with this beastly mix.

Get the whole fam jam involved. This is the perfect solution to a Friday night hangout. I let the kids do their part. Everyone chooses and preps one item they want to add to the platter. In our case we started with organic flax tortilla chips as our base (love these alone with a flavored hummus). Next we cooked up ground chicken with a package of taco seasoning for flavor. Our choices tonight for toppings were pretty much based on what was left over in the fridge…. Yellow peppers, green onions, tomatoes and red onion. It worked well. Last but never least, CHEESE. A mix of 2 different types of grated organic cheddar (don’t skimp out on the cheese please)…. It’s the best part of any hearty nacho platter. Pop it into a preheated oven @ 375 for about 15 min…The best trick comes from my mother. Save yourself a lot of aggravation and always use parchment paper this makes clean up a breeze.

Top it of with a few sides of fresh guacamole and salsa. This super casual and very delish entree is perfect before everyone runs in different directions on a Friday night also great for a movie night or sporting event. TGIF Beer and nachos kinda go hand in hand. Just saying! Ingredients-Tortillas of your choice-Meat of your choice-Cheese of your choice-Veggies of your choice-Parchment paper- not optional