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Let’s Get Naked!

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Authors Speaks

Bell-bottoms are back in style! This girl could not be happier about the flared-leg trend. Perhaps it’s because I’m a tree-hugging, peace-loving chick. Most likely it’s because I dislike the shape of my body.

That’s the naked truth. 

That flare at the bottom is much more flattering to my curvy hips and ass than the soul-crushing, ego-hating skinny jean trend. 

While I’m at it, can I just say that my hair is thinning and losing its luster. I have these little, red, pin dots taking over my skin—probably some vitamin deficiency. I have stretch marks, varicose and spider veins, keratosis pilaris, sagging boobs, yellowing teeth, T-rex-length arms, cellulite, zero upper body strength, small toes, two whiskers that want to grow on my chin each month with my menstrual cycle … OH, and speaking of my menstrual cycle, every month it’s like the coming of Christ. I don’t know the day or the hour and neither do the angels in Heaven. Too bad for my underwear and my sense of security and dignity in public. 🙁 

How shallow of me right? I shouldn’t base my sense of self worth on physical attributes. 

The good news? I don’t. 

I’m smart and fun. I’m a good mom and a loving, sexually submissive wife. Kidding 😉 I’m not always a good mom. I genuinely care about all life. I hug tress because they give us oxygen and they help to keep the earth cool. I’m an advocate for peace because death really sucks. I’ve recently shut off my FaceBook notifications, in spite of how it could affect my author business, because I need to be more efficient with my work so I can spend more time with my family. 

See … I’ve got some good shit going on even with all my physical imperfections. 

But here’s the point, because I do have one. It’s okay to not like something about yourself. It’s okay to care about how you look or have a part of you that’s a bit materialistic, vain, or judgmental. <—Yes, I know … thou shalt not judge. But we all do it. 

No one knows the meaning of life. (IMHO) So embrace your insecurities, celebrate your awesomeness, make mistakes, make someone’s day—make your own day!

Just remember to be kind to everyone—including yourself. 

Remember to forgive others—and forgive yourself. 

There you have it. I just gave you the morals of my upcoming stories: A Place Without You and Naked Love. 

You are now primed and ready to read. 

Naked Love  – Read it while I write it.

A Place Without You – Add it to your Goodreads TBR.